Newport LDS Temple



“Turn your hearts toward your parents
Generations gone before.
May you seek until you find them
In the temple seal and bind them
To your hearts forevermore.” Hymn #291

My daughter-in law, Kimberly, converted to the church when she was 25. Her grandparents were members and were instrumental in her conversion. She was very close to them. After they died, she became a temple worker in the Newport, CA temple so she could continue to feel connected to them and feel their continued guidance. For this reason, this temple is very meaningful to her. She helped me pick this view, which is captured from across the road and up the hill from the temple. It shows the front of the temple, beckoning you to enter, along with the familiar terrain of the California hillside where she grew up. “And he came by the Spirit into the temple…” Luke 2:27. Years ago, I also lost a baby and during that difficult time, my husband and I went to the temple often because that is where we felt the closest to heaven and our child. The temple is a house of God where you can find rest and peace from this earthly world. The last verse of this Hymn, Turn Your Hearts, states, “Turn in love to all your children, Generations yet to be, May your deeds of gospel giving, Temple service, righteous living, Bless them all eternity.”


8 X 10, 11 x 14, 15 x 22


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